Who can help you with your Visa Application?

Preparing any Australian visa application can be a daunting task. It requires utmost attention and concentration. Do you know you can get help for preparing your visa application? Yes, you heard it right. An authorized registered migration agent can help you in preparing your application and this help is called ‘Immigration Assistance’. It is legal in Australia to provide information, guidance, and assistance to the people who are seeking a way to migrate to Australia. However, not everyone can provide this help – only certain people can assist you with your visa application. They must be either a registered migration agent, a legal practitioner, or an exempt person. These people use their knowledge of, or experience in, migration procedure to guide you with visa applications. So, whenever you decide to lodge any visa application and need help – always check OMARA Register to find a registered migration agent.

Now, the question is – do you really need a migration agent to process your application? The answer will be – certainly not however, taking guidance and advice from authorized people will make your visa submission process easy. These professionals are highly qualified and know immigration rules and regulations more accurately. They know how to prepare and submit a visa application for the best chances of success. Australian immigration department keeps modifying laws and regulations to make migration more authentic and hassle-free. So, MARA agents keep themselves updated and informed with all the latest changes and modifications in Australian Visas. It is also recommended to hire a migration agent to process your application because their work makes it easier for the Immi Department to assess your application efficiently.

Some of the benefits of using Registered Migration Agents are:

  • They analyze your complete profile and advise you on the most appropriate and best visa option to apply for.
  • They provide genuine and resourceful advice on complex immigration applications.
  • They guide you through the visa application process.
  • They help you to prepare your supporting documentation and information for the application.
  • Being the authorized recipient, they receive all communication and documents on your behalf relating to your visa matter from the department.
  • If the case officer needs any further information or documents, your nominated authorized person will receive the emails and advise you accordingly.
  • They deal with the relevant government departments on your behalf.
  • It is required by the law that they must keep a professional library to have direct access to migration law – thus provide the most accurate and legal advice to the client.
  • They may charge you a nominal fee for providing all the assistance, however, they do not charge you until they provide their services.
  • They provide you a clear written statement stating estimated fees and other costs which give you an idea about your expenses.
  • Since they are registered agents so they must keep their clients’ records for at least 7 years – so you can contact them during this time if you require any further assistance.
  • They keep all the information confidential and abide by the migration agents’ Code of Conduct.

In a nutshell, these professionals can help you migrate to Australia, however, hiring an agent or lawyer for your intended visa application does not mean that you will definitely get a visa granted. These lawyers do not guarantee a positive outcome of the visa or speed up the process, but they make the visa lodgment process uncomplicated.

If you need any help regarding your Student Visa application, Tourist visa, Business visa, or family visa, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

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