Skills Assessment

Assess your skills and ensure skilled migration to Australia.

Getting your skills assessed is one of the most vital components if you want to find yourself migrating to Australia on a permanent basis. Your skills will be put to a test with the specified standard and then evaluated to see if the performance meets or exceeds the requirements.

These skills are generally assessed by relevant authorities that analyze if your skills meet/exceed the required standards set forth to work for a particular role in Australia. While most occupations have their own authority that assesses skills, it will be up to The Department of Home Affairs to accept a skill assessment which is issued by the relevant assessing authority.

It is very necessary that you pass the assessment test to obtain certain visa subclasses. Needless to say, this process can be challenging, but we here at Pictor Services know our trade. With our migration and career experts, you will find this process very simplified.

Our migration experts and agents will assist you throughout the process and submit all the necessary documents on your behalf to the relevant authorities. After passing the test, our team will work with you to prepare you for the technical interview and even assist you to land your dream job(hyperlink to career counselling).

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