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At Pictor Services, we take pride in our team of experts who will guide you to your academic journey. For many years now, we have had an excellent track record of assisting young students with their college selections and admissions and the very fact that our academic counsellors are QEAC certified with great experience will ensure you the best of opportunities and an education experience that is second to none.

Australia has definitely been a center of excellence and attraction for many International students. The land Down Under is one of the best destinations for students who want to learn, grow and continuously strive for greatness.Choosing a University in a foreign land, full of exciting opportunities can however be an overwhelming process. This is where we come in, our experts are always available to help guide you throughout your journey and make the process more efficient.

At Pictor Services, we believe that getting to know you better is the start of the process. That way, we can assess where you come from and personalize your needs and visions to make sure you get the right service that is the best for your endeavors. Next, we collaborate with the academic institution of your choice to help process the application and secure your placement.

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Are you an international student and want some professionals to assess your profile? Our team of professionals is ready to help you find the right course in the right university in Australia. Our certified professionals make sure you understand the admission criteria in depth and assist you with all the visa queries. We not only provide consultation, but also manage your application process and liaise with the relevant authority on your behalf. 

Please send us your enquiry and one of our qualified consultants will get back to you in no time.