Do you know that 2021 is a Census year in Australia?

The Census is compulsory in Australia. Every five years, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) conducts a census to count the Australian population and the dwellings in which they live. This official counting of population and homes helps in forming important plans, and decisions regarding the country’s infrastructure, employment opportunities, health care facilities, schools, transport, and other local amenities. The year 2021 is also a census year that will be marked as Australia’s 18th Census. This year, it is going to be held on 10th August 2021.

Everyone in Australia except diplomats and their families MUST complete the Census wherever they are on Census night. So, if you are currently living in Australia – no matter which visa you hold, you need to complete the Census. This means all the international visitors from other countries such as tourists, businessmen, international students, temporary residents – everyone must provide their details to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Census is conducted online in Australia. Before the census date, the Australian Bureau of Statistics mail out login details and other relevant information to all the registered private household residents. Some addresses which are not registered or do not provide complete information, these letters are delivered by Census Field Officers before the Census date.

On Census night, every individual in Australia is expected to fill in a Census form with their personal details online. The Census form usually asks questions about your demographics including your ancestry, marital status, education, religion, country of birth, age, language, income, employment, housing cost, and so on. This personal information you provide to ABS is fully protected by laws which is never shared with anyone including other government agencies.

To read more about the Census Privacy statement, you can visit their website here,

It is important to note that if you do not complete your Census or forgot to fill the form, initially you may get a letter from ABS directing you to complete the Census. You could be fined up to $222 a day if you do not complete it after receiving this letter. So make sure you, stay awake and submit your Census form.

It is expected from the people to provide accurate and correct information because it helps to run the states and country smoothly. The huge data collected from the Census helps the Commonwealth to allocate enough revenues to different states. It also supports the correct distribution of electorates for federal and state elections who further make policies and administrative plans for their respective states. Overall, it assists in producing comprehensive statistics about Australia, its people, local facilities, and population groups which will be used to determine where and how to spend billions of dollars.

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