Barista Training

Find the artwork on your Latte amazing? Learn it for yourself with our Training Program

The Australian workplace is constantly demanding for skilled manpower and entrepreneurs of various sorts. With that in mind, we have now started providing Barista Training to all the enthusiastic people we want to create a new start to their Australian life.

While this is a newly started service, Pictor Services has been able to take hold of some of the most renowned Barista training experts of the industry who will equip you with all the necessary skills to succeed in this art.

In this program, the students will be learning about various types of milk, their characteristics, and their uses for different types of beverages. We will also teach you about various beans, and give you the know-how of blending, roasting, grinding, extracting, etc.

For us at Pictor Services, the preparation of the best beverage is no less than an art. Not only will you get to learn about the art on your latte, but you will also understand
various food health and safety regulations with our industry experts.

Other Services

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Are you an international student and want some professionals to assess your profile? Our team of professionals is ready to help you find the right course in the right university in Australia. Our certified professionals make sure you understand the admission criteria in depth and assist you with all the visa queries. We not only provide consultation, but also manage your application process and liaise with the relevant authority on your behalf. 

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